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How does your child do in school? Do they have a tough time meshing with the public school system? Do they go above and beyond, and find themselves bored with the curriculum? Walk the Talk with Kim talks about adults finding their passions and changing the world, but how about kids? Compass Outdoor Adventure is excited to announce a brand new after school mentorship program for kids that just aren’t getting what they need out of their schools.


Luke and his passionate team will work with their groups of 12 on a once weekly basis. Did I mention there’s a fun field trip involved too? Mentors will work to discover each child’s passion and help align group field trips around these passions or “elements”. Does your child LOVE Xbox? How about a trip to Microsoft? What about bike riding? Let’s go to a bike shop!

Through acknowledging each child’s element, mentors will help apply their passions to education. Compass wants everyone coming through this program to become intrinsically curious and motivated when it comes to their education! Want to find out more or register your child? Details and registration will be available on the Compass website soon! www.compassoutdoor.org  You may contact Luke at luke@compassoutdoor.org if you have questions!

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