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We all know that there are incredible mission driven organizations out there in the world, and most of us are aware that there are companies that have the desire to help these organizations. Liberty Road Foundation is there to bridge the gap between organizations and companies! This truly win-win, non-profit for non-profits group helps connect business with non-profits who benefit from such relationships. One of their first companies they helped was on the verge of bankruptcy and looking at a downward slope. After engaging with Liberty Road Foundation, this company had an astounding turn-around that showcased how transformational volunteering can be for employees, and as a result, the companies. Liberty Road Foundation teams up with organizations such as Olive Crest, Jubilee Reach, and New Horizons.


Liberty Road Foundation hosts Business Leaders Breakfasts every two weeks and they welcome newcomers! The next Breakfast is Tuesday the 7th of August at the Sheraton in Bellevue from 7:30-8:30am.


On August 14th, Liberty Road Foundation is hosting their annual Golf and Auction tournament in Newcastle! Have a team? Want to compete? Fancy attending an auction to benefit a great group? Check it out! www.lrfcharityevent.com


To learn more about Liberty Road Foundation, what they do, and how you can get involved, visit www.libertyroadfoundation.org


This month on Pearson Law Hour, Michele, Eric, and Lindsay discuss the film “Hot Coffee,” ethics, and end of life documents. Do you know the four types of end of life documents and what they do? This show is an excellent resource to find out what they are, and a great brush up for those who have the general understanding! Don’t miss out on this Pearson Law Hour, presented by Walk the Talk with Kim.


When faced with a difficult or life-changing trial, there are those who curl up and hide to protect themselves. Then, there are those like Bob Ewing of Footloose Sailing who chose to make the best of the situation, and then some! Following an accident after he graduated from college, Bob found himself looking at the world in a little bit of a different way. Bob has been with Footloose Sailing from the very start and is now one of eleven board members of the organization.


Footloose offers sailing trips to those with disabilities of all types. These trips give sailors the opportunity to leave their disability at the dock and feel on top of the world as they enjoy the open water. Participants are given three options: sit back and enjoy the ride, help out as much as comfort allows, or start learning how to operate the vessel. This wonderful gift Footloose gives to its participants is truly life changing.


Footloose currently operates on less than $20,000 a year and offers classes at about $15/trip. However, this $15 can be too much for deserving participants. If you are interested in setting up a scholarship with Footloose or would like to volunteer on their trips, reach out!







This week we were incredibly excited to have Stephanie Cox from the Seattle Women Sounders. Stephanie plays as a defender for the Seattle team and was in the fierce competition for the US Women’s team for the 2012 Olympics. Even though she didn’t make the cut, she wants to show girls and young athletes not to give up when faced with a road block – she’s walking the talk!


Stephanie works with the Tacoma Kids for Christ and serves as a stunning role model within the organization. She also recently went to Phoenix, Arizona to work with foster kids at camp. Stephanie is a wonderful example for young women everywhere as she works to accomplish her dreams while continually raising the bar for herself, in addition to giving back to her community in ways that satisfy her passion.


Check out the Tacoma Kids for Christ and see how you can join Stephanie and lend a helping hand!



What have you done for your environment recently? If you don’t like your answer, then hopefully this episode of Walk the Talk with Kim will inspire you to go out and be proactive! David Roberts joined us from Kulshan Environmental Services from Bellingham, Washington. Kulshan Environmental works with both individuals and organizations/businesses to help better the environmental community. Kulshan Environment also takes proactive steps, and helps take care of the land and water before an issue arises!


Lake Padden is under the protective care of Kulshan’s loving work. They’ve established a relationship with Western Washington University to get college students involved and devoted to Lake Padden and the new educational programs about it. Together, those who work toward keeping Lake Padden a healthy landmark have created educational programs that focus on long term solutions and goals for the lake. They’ve also raised $7,000 toward their project! They have created “The Pledge” for citizens around Lake Padden which can be found online at www.kulshanservices.com.


Want to learn more or get involved? Here’s how you can find out more information!


Phone: 360.483.7341

Email: David@Kulshanservices.com

Website with information on the company: www.kulshanservices.com


I’m thinking of an organization that caters to thousands of clients a year, serves clients in over forty different languages, and offers “culturally confident care.” Do you know who it is? After you listen to this episode of Walk the Talk with Kim you will! The Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) was founded in 1973 when attention was brought to misdiagnoses in Asian immigrants in regards to behavioral health. ACRS has grown beyond the initial spark and now offers a food bank, and community support through activities and fun classes that provide a spirit lift for various cultures.


The ACRS food bank is unique in the fact that it offers foods that are staples in various cultures. The extra mile volunteers go truly make a difference to those they service. Through this specialization, clients gain comfort through “their food,” comfort that may be lacking in other aspects of their lives. This food bank is open Mondays and Wednesdays in China Town in Seattle.


Saturday, June 30th brings an exciting event for those at the food bank of ACRS. The Walk for Rice will be taking place in Seward Park. Walk for Rice is the only fundraiser for the year, and it allows the organization to purchase their culturally appropriate supplies and foods. They estimate about 1000 walkers will turn up… will you be number 1001? 8:00am marks the beginning of registration, 9:00am cues the start of the festivities, and 10:00am kicks off the walk. Monetary donations and donations of food are welcome!


Visit www.walkforrice.org to learn more about the fundraiser on June 30th. To learn more about ACRS and their services, visit www.acrs.org. If you are interested in utilizing services or would like to volunteer, call 206-695-7600.


Do you or someone you know suffer from an Irritable Bowel Disease like Crohn’s or Colitis? If so, this is just the episode for you! Cody Geddes and Jackie Miller joined us from the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America’s Team Challenge. Team Challenge is composed of a group of people who get together, get in shape, get motivated, and go run a half marathon to raise funds for research projects. You don’t have to have an IBD to participate either; you just need that desire to walk the talk!


CCFA offers a wonderful community to those suffering from an IBD. CCFA provides information and education sessions and puts on Camp Oasis for children with an IBD. In addition to Team Challenge, you can participate in the annual Take Steps, Be Heard fundraising walk. For more information about these events, log on to www.ccfa.org.  


Team Challenge is currently recruiting for the Rock and Roll Marathon in Vegas! You can join Walk the Talk with Kim’s Media Producer, Lindsay Masters, as she cruises down the Vegas strip on December 2nd. Here’s how you can get involved and sign up for an info session:

For Seattle:


Email Jackie Miller at Jackiem@ccfa.org

For Tacoma:


Email Cody Geddes at Cgeddes@ccfa.org

Don’t forget to join Jackie for the Bal Mar Event night for Team Challenge Tri on June 22nd from 7:30-10:00pm. If you mention that you heard about the event through Walk the Talk with Kim, your $10 donation will go toward Lindsay and her fundraising efforts! Visit the event Facebook page for more details: http://www.facebook.com/events/361631017236812/


Helen Thayer began hiking and climbing at age 9, was a luge champion for the United States, is the first woman to have walked to the Magnetic North Pole, lived with a wolf pack for a year, walked 900 miles in the Sahara Desert this last year, and is planning a trip to Northeast Ethiopia for October of this year – at age 74! Helen has taken these expeditions and turned them into learning opportunities for children through her program Adventure Classroom, which helps raise awareness of cultural differences in the classroom. She also has been a photographer, lecturer, and guide for National Geographic! Helen believes that “age is no barrier of our dreams,” and you can be sure that she walks the talk. When asked why those who live in such trying environments, Helen told us “They’re at peace with themselves; they’re one with the world and their environment… and they do a lot better than we do in many ways.”


Learn more about Helen Thayer and her incredible life in these different ways:



-          www.helenthayer.com

-          www.adventureclassroom.org



-          Polar Dream

-          Three Among the Wolves

-          Walking the Gobi


Want to hear Helen speak in your classroom, to your office, or organization? Contact her at Helen@helenthayer.com!


Do you have jury duty just around the corner? Have you ever wondered about the origin of the jury? Michele Pearson introduced the Pearson Law Hour today for her monthly Walk the Talk with Kim take over! Today we discussed juries and jury duty. Make sure you don’t miss out on this intriguing episode – Eric and Lindsay sure learned a lot in the studio!


Michele joined us from Pearson Law Firm today. You can learn more about the firm at www.pearsonlawfirm.com or you can submit an inquiry at www.pearsonlawfirm.com/contact-us/.


Expect expert representation, a wealth of experience and a kind, compassionate attitude from Pearson Law Firm. That’s the Pearson Promise!


Luke Talbott from Compass Outdoor Adventures put on a pair of headphones with us in the studio this week as we talked about his exciting organizations. A teacher of ten years, Luke decided that kids weren’t being challenged enough, they weren’t able to fail in a safe and constructive environment, so he created Compass Outdoor Adventures to give kids that chance. We discussed the problems with bubble wrapping out children versus letting them fail and learn with grace and support. As Luke told us, “You have to have the ability to fall.”


Compass Outdoor Adventures is offering kids camps this summer where the kid to supervisor ratio is 12:2! Spots are filling up quick though so register your kids now! Go to www.compassoutdoor.org to learn more and register your young ones. Do YOU want to go play in the mud, search for Geocaches, and feel like a ten-year old again? Luke organizes corporate events! Visit the Compass Outdoor website or email him at luke@compassoutdoor.org. Make sure you “like” Compass Outdoor Adventures on facebook at www.Facebook.com/CompassOutdoor to stay in the loop with the latest and greatest from this amazing organization!


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