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What have you done for your environment recently? If you don’t like your answer, then hopefully this episode of Walk the Talk with Kim will inspire you to go out and be proactive! David Roberts joined us from Kulshan Environmental Services from Bellingham, Washington. Kulshan Environmental works with both individuals and organizations/businesses to help better the environmental community. Kulshan Environment also takes proactive steps, and helps take care of the land and water before an issue arises!


Lake Padden is under the protective care of Kulshan’s loving work. They’ve established a relationship with Western Washington University to get college students involved and devoted to Lake Padden and the new educational programs about it. Together, those who work toward keeping Lake Padden a healthy landmark have created educational programs that focus on long term solutions and goals for the lake. They’ve also raised $7,000 toward their project! They have created “The Pledge” for citizens around Lake Padden which can be found online at www.kulshanservices.com.


Want to learn more or get involved? Here’s how you can find out more information!


Phone: 360.483.7341

Email: David@Kulshanservices.com

Website with information on the company: www.kulshanservices.com

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