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Who’s got crazy stories about fliers, a desk, and a Scot on a Vespa? Denise Paulette does, that’s who! Denise performs a one woman show about Zelda Fitzgerald and just got back from the Fringe Festival in Scotland. Talk about a strong, independent woman; Denise fundraised her way to the Fringe and had a life changing experience abroad.


Denise had a rare opportunity to go and live her passion for three weeks straight. On our show this week, she talked about her three weeks, and what it was like to live and breathe acting and the stage. Hear her stories about a wacky taxi driver, and some of the unique theatre spaces that were offered during the Fringe. We would love to share more with you, but we don’t want to spoil the fun! You’re just going to have to listen to Denise on this week’s show!

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